…rootworker’s pride (6-8-6)…

hoodoo you think you are?
elder spirits beg to differ
they mock your delusions


…overheard conversation that made me laugh out loud (6-8-6)…

gay, white, closeted man
dating her gay, black son. only
concern?… he’s not jewish.

being the inquisitve person i am (and by ‘inquisitive’ i really mean ‘nosy’) i had to follow up on this one. apparently the two young men are doing fine, and after a small adjustment period, the mother has accepted the fact that the man dating her son is not jewish (‘ain’t nobody perfect’) and now wholeheartedly supports their bi-racial, homosexual, halfly-secret relationship.

see?… who says ‘ku can’t have a happy ending? and now i can say i have officially met a jewish african american. oy ve!