…note to servers in upscale restaurants…

if i have to wait
forty minutes for water
tip value plummets

and i’ll immediately change my meal selection to the ‘value’ cheap meal.  and i won’t order anything BUT water to drink.  and i’ll hold your table up for two and a half hours, complaining about everything the entire time.  so when i ask you for an initial glass of water while i look over the drink menu, quit pissing me off.


…saw a bunch of dolphins too…

on riverboat cruise
watching old folks booty dance
so worth twenty bucks

apparently, florida’s ecology is so reliant on its mangrove-bush system that if you kill them its a $100,000 fine… per bush!  and. ponce inlet lighthouse is the third tallest lighthouse in the country and can be seen 19 miles from shore.  Oh the things you can learn on a riverboat cruise… its not just all about the age-inappropriate dancing octogenarians.