Mr. Bamboo!

my coworkers and i order a lot of chinese food (dude, a LOT of chinese food).  after hitting a certain monetary level, they start giving you free shit.  so far, i’ve got two umbrellas (highly useful), a boatload of business card holders (somewhat less useful), chinese zodiac calendars (perfect for white trash ‘regifting’), and more branded little plastic crap then i know what to do with.

and then one day… they brought Mr. Bamboo.  Mr. Bamboo has moveable arms.  Mr. Bamboo is hollow.  According to his badly translated box: ‘he can hold cd’, ‘he can plant flower’, and ‘he can put inside pencil and coin’

Mr. Bamboo has become a symbol — a symbol of truth, justice, and pretty decent chinese food with delivery for only $1.00 extra.  but more than that, Mr. Bamboo doesn’t care what race or religion you are.  Mr. Bamboo doesn’t care if you are young or old, fat or skinny, smart or stupid.  and Mr. Bamboo (with his plastic little grin) is always happy to see you, especially if you are frantically looking for the phone number to the chinese food place that is tattooed across his chest.

and that is why Mr. Bamboo is a ‘sorry if you’re bored…’ blog mascot.


Cloth Mantis

some people have chips on their shoulder.  cloth mantis has a stick up his ass.  but this stick is not just any old stick, it is a didgeridoo – an ancient instrument made from termite hollowed-out eucalyptus branches and used by the aboriginal peoples of australia to communicate.  by blowing through one end, similarly to a trumpet, the didge produces a low, deep droning noise that can simulate many natural sounds.  aborigines, not relying on written forms of communication, would use the didge to tell stories, relate experiences, and give warnings about natural hazards or conditions.  of course, not all primitive customs and practices are charming… women were prohibited from even touching a didge, as a matter of spiritual purity.

modern day didges are made from a variety of woods, some still hollowed out naturally, others with a lathe.  in addition to wood, fiberglass or pvc piping can be used to create a similar droning sound.  here at ‘sorry if you’re bored…’ blog, we’ve got both a traditional wooden didge as well as a molded fiberglass model.  the fiberglass is tuned to the key of ‘F’ and is painted green, both characteristics associated with the heart chakra.

cloth mantis doesn’t mind the didge in his midsection (i’ve asked him) and is an easygoing and easy to get along with hand-made, felt insect.  contemplative and strong, cloth mantis spends his day in prayerful seclusion and has even inspired his own haiku (with comments!). 


sorry if you’re bored…
don’t blame me, i’m just a blog


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