…enemy of achievement…

laziness is what
separates great people from
the mediocre


9 thoughts on “…enemy of achievement…

  1. howard says:

    aspirations drown
    in the stagnant puddles of

  2. Mr. Queasy says:

    hah! it’s laziness
    that makes a man more than great.

  3. liquidquick says:


    the water is fouled
    creating a perfect stock
    for soup of regret


    take one step further
    why be lazy when you can
    be apathetic?

  4. Mr. Queasy says:

    Apathy has it,
    unless you seek pleasure in…
    not doing a thing.

  5. ann says:

    joys of laziness
    delightful wishful thinking
    must try it one day

  6. Leonardo says:

    boredom is what
    distinguish healthy people
    from the sadistic

  7. Oh, I thought that was

  8. liquidquick says:

    dark souls can be great
    even though they may not have
    much integrity

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