…easter surprise…

a basket filled with
tons of weight watchers candy
gotta love parents



our self-consumption
trading long term happiness
for short term pleasure

this week’s one single impression prompt is ‘circle’ –
i have always been fascinated by the imagery of the snake
consuming its own tail, and by the negative cyclicality that many of
us can’t/won’t escape within our lives

but i’m also a huge fan of ‘ku recycling, so here are other
circle themed ‘ku from the sorry if you’re bored… archives

…with no forethought (6-8-6)…
…beyond time…
…ancient rings…

…business-babble phrase: second quarter ’08 (plus bonus ‘ku)…

an ‘issue tree’ is
organized bitching in a
graphical format

(not only was the meeting early this time, but we were
so damn productive that it resulted in TWO ‘ku. that’s twice
the bang for your business-babble buck. i’ll send the bill in the mail…)

we’re ‘touching base’ when
we talk about the same shit
sixty times a day