rules of this game

so here are the rules.

while writing haiku is a blast, part of the fun comes from having complete strangers (who are sometimes not even strange) or friends (who, in my case, are a hell of a lot stranger) playing off your words and writing their own verses.

stringing multiple haiku together is known as ‘renga’. there are a whole bunch of renga rules which we are going to completely ignore. for more information about traditional haiku and renga, clicketh here.

we’ll just stick to the 5-7-5 schema for our verses. as long as what you write has something to do with the last post you’re responding too, and it fits 5-7-5, then you’re golden. if, for whatever reason, you just HAVE to break the syllable structure, leave a little note (like… ‘screw you man, i’m breaking the law’) or we’ll mock you horribly for not being able to count to 5 and 7.

the first stanza of the chain (the ‘hokku’, if we were going by tradition) is a new post to the blog, so in order to initiate a new renga, you have to be a ‘sorry if you’re bored…’ author. if thats something that you’re interested in being, drop me an e. you need to contribute a few of your own verses to existing renga first though, so we can get a feel for your particular dysfuncti… uh, writing style.

once a haiku has a few verses, it will be tagged with ‘ongoing renga’ so that we can find it easier to add to.

sorry if you’re bored…
don’t blame me, i’m just a blog


4 thoughts on “rules of this game

  1. Sugarsmacks says:

    Hi, I love reading your blog!

    I can’t find the email address, so I just wanted to say here that I came up with a 5-7-5 that relates to your post “…note to self,” 02/27/08. Does that mean I have begun a renga or added to it? And where is the email address 🙂


  2. liquidquick says:

    just send a check or money order for 9.95 plus shipping and handling to…
    no just kidding! i heartily disapprove of such crass ‘kummercialization…

    if you’d like to add a verse or two just throw them into the comment box of whatever post you want to respond to, and mash on the submit button. automagically, the ones and zeros will fly through the internet and paste themselves onto the screens of unsuspecting visitors and passersby. i don’t do the moderation thing, so your comment should appear semi-instantaneously

    i’m glad to hear you’re getting a kick out of ‘ku. i look foward to the seventeen syllable exchange. (hmm… that sounds a bit vulgar in retrospect…)

    as for email, i can be reached at liquidquick at gmail dot com.

  3. irishdancing1331 says:

    hey this blog doesn’t tell me any thing, u should really think about changing it.

  4. Allison says:

    Read it if you want
    Doesn’t have to mean a thing
    It is illusion

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