…found my mutant super-hero power…

i can call the rain
all i have to do is start
to water my plants


…nature can be cool and weird sometimes…

sunshowers happen
when the gods laugh so hard they
cannot help but cry

driving through ocala national forest the other day.  nothing but trees, beautiful blue sky, a few fluffy white clouds, and… rain?!  florida weather is bizarre; sometimes in a good way.

…fair exchange…

lift your voice to me
i will draw down hurricanes
magic for a song

so apparently wordpress is telling me that this is my 800th post… really, 800 ‘kus?!  a few things of note.  1) obviously no life since 2006… 2) i didn’t realize that wordpress did the ‘achievement unlocked!’ thing, but there you go.  3) now i’m kind of bummed that i haven’t been actively ‘ku-ing over the last couple of years.  in actuality though, i have had a life recently and embarked on a few new adventures that will probably inspire a whole new round of ‘ku writing.  we shall see.