…fluid history…

time stampedes on – its
memories can be altered
with one well-placed lie

this week’s one single impression prompt is ‘change’ –
a necessity, but not always a positive one

18 thoughts on “…fluid history…

  1. Tumblewords says:

    Yes. Yes. But, of course! Well done!

  2. spacedlaw says:

    I suppose this is what we call history?
    Very good piece.

  3. Mr. Queasy says:

    somebody’s version…
    try, prove it ever happened!
    it’s not on paper.

  4. SandyCarlson says:

    The power of a lie to affect the nature of a stampede is a powerful one! Well cone.

  5. paisley says:

    ah ha… there is such a thing as selective memory… and i thought i was the one that was losing it!!!! wonderful!!!!!

  6. Andrée says:

    Wow. To me, that last line came out of left field, making it so powerful. Just like a lie is that zinger that comes out of left field and changes everything. This is wonderful.

    My “Change” is here. Thank you!

    (And I am putting you on the blogroll: I hope that is OK!)

  7. wow, that packs a punch of truth!

  8. sugarsmacks says:

    it’s almost as if
    leaders want us to forget
    thank god for orwell

    Your work is fabulous, LQ! I shall hop over to ‘one single impression’ again later to get the gist of what’s going on there.


  9. pieceofpie says:

    that is so simply awesome!!!.. that one shouts!!…

  10. liquidquick says:

    mr q:

    there is truth out there
    somewhere karmic libraries
    track alterations

    miss smacks:

    and though we’ve been warned
    we’ll gladly brainwash ourselves
    if its convenient


    yes please on the blogroll.

  11. Raven says:

    Oh so true…. well done.

  12. maryt says:

    What is the lie? I’m so curious! 😀

  13. Mr. Queasy says:

    heh, they’ll pay their dues…
    in one way or another.
    But the harm is done.

  14. yolanda says:

    Very good and very true.

  15. storyteller says:

    one thing to be learned
    from history is that we
    do not learn at all

    fluid memory
    alters our perception of
    anything that’s said

    I luv haiku ;–)
    hugs and blessings,

  16. liquidquick says:


    should we try to fight
    the inevitable loss
    of absolute truth

    or embrace new truths
    creating reality
    the stars our witness

  17. “well-placed lie” – what a powerful oxymoron; what a grim truth.

    Beautifully paced!


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