…maybe that explains it…

i can only think
of one rhyme for ‘orgasm’…
and that’s ‘sarcasm’


7 thoughts on “…maybe that explains it…

  1. ann says:

    chasm and plasm
    but best of all methinks is

  2. ann says:

    mmm…. left out spasm

  3. liquidquick says:

    guess i missed a few…
    highlights the differences
    between our world-view

  4. qazse says:

    how about dasm –
    as in dasm over there
    hidin’ from the man

    or perhaps hasm
    as in who has the crabs?
    I think dad hasm

  5. liquidquick says:

    something doesn’t seem
    quite right with those rhymes… can’t put
    my finger on it

  6. cathy says:

    Your early spasm
    Robbed me of my orgasm
    You premature prick.

    ( thanks to Ann for the inspiration)

  7. liquidquick says:

    luckily for you
    i have got ten fingers and
    a mischievous tongue

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