like an untamed dog
i’ll turn on you and snap when
you offer your hand


8 thoughts on “…unfriendliness…

  1. ann says:

    but feed me cookies
    I will be your friend for life
    slurp lick woof woof woof

  2. liquidquick says:

    come to think of it,
    friendship’s easily bought with
    lots o’ chinese food

  3. Brian says:

    must have long dinners
    candlelight and fine French wine
    then I’m pliable

  4. ann says:

    is that all it takes
    food and candle on table
    putty in my hands

  5. Brian says:

    I’ll try not to drool
    so many morsels to eat
    perhaps dessert now

  6. ann says:

    naughty naughty boy
    finish everthing on plate
    then you get dessert

  7. Brian says:

    dreaming of sweet eyes
    will no longer snap at hand
    touch instead with care

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