…kundalini calm…

through quiet tuning
silence becomes symphony
lightning-struck stillness


8 thoughts on “…kundalini calm…

  1. howard says:

    learned to love silence,
    though there was a time when I
    mistook it for chains.

  2. liquidquick says:

    chains that bind the mind
    the most important voices
    shatter with a glance

  3. This is so beautiful, lightning struck stillness….

  4. 1blkquill says:

    I can hear a storm brewing. Great perception!

  5. Brian says:

    shards cut bloody stripes
    learn painful lessons in life
    self inflicts worst wounds

  6. liquidquick says:

    self inflicted wounds
    take the longest time to heal
    cuz we pick at them

  7. Sandy says:

    This is good, you really have a way with words!

  8. Jone says:

    This is beautiful, I am a a fan of silence.

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