…finality of leaving…

as i turn away
temple door once welcoming
closes behind me


9 thoughts on “…finality of leaving…

  1. Lovely haiku but so sad….

  2. Yes, very sad… perhaps there is a new door awaiting you…

  3. Paris Parfait says:

    Quite the bittersweet farewell in your haiku.

  4. Becca says:

    Very poignant haiku about the loss of a familiar shelter – i hope other welcoming doors await you 🙂

  5. Jone says:

    Very poignant. One door closes another opens.

  6. I really like this haiku. There’s something both sad and hopeful about it at the same time. Very well done.


  7. qazse says:

    we search the temples
    for permanence and meaning
    when it is within

  8. Get Zapped says:

    This has a lot of feeling to it and I love the imagery.

  9. liquidquick says:

    to cage the spirit
    within walls of stone and wood
    feels hollow somehow

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