…blanketing haze…

evening clouds approach
diffusing the last bit of
remaining daylight

(week 36 entry at one deep breath)


16 thoughts on “…blanketing haze…

  1. susanlavonne says:

    Welcome to ODB…what a wonderful debut!

  2. Brian says:

    Interesting haiku, the clouds, not the night snuffing out the light.

  3. AnnieElf says:

    Peaceful. I like the use of the word approach.

  4. Paris Parfait says:

    Lovely haiku – welcome to One Deep Breath!

  5. Very calming. Welcome onboard…

  6. rel says:

    The clouds are the essence of the twilight’s beauty.
    nicely said.

  7. Yes, well done! A great start!

  8. Sandy says:

    you came in with a good one!

  9. Becca says:

    This is lovely and ethereal – everything a haiku should be 🙂

    Well done!

  10. G says:

    I think the word “diffusing” is brilliant for this. I can feel twilight, here.

  11. liquidquick says:

    thanks everyone. amazing how supportive the haiku community is, i’m really glad i found one deep breath (credit for that goes to howard from thesmedleylog.com)

  12. cloudscome says:

    How lovely! The clouds do that, don’t they?

  13. rhino says:

    Great contribution…very similar to where I was going with the prompt

  14. Tiffany says:

    This is beautiful and calm.

  15. Pearl says:

    Nice image and word order. If I may be bold, it could be pared a little shorter…

    evening clouds
    diffuse the last
    remaining daylight

  16. liquidquick says:

    thank you for the comment. the short version works well.

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