…the fine print…

weight watcher’s won’t work
if you spend all of your points
on chocolate bars

(luckily, haiku are low cal AND low carb, thus suitable for any diet plan.   According to the most recent nutritional information, a  serving of three haiku per day can actually help lower your cholesterol.  and they stay crunchy in milk.)


3 thoughts on “…the fine print…

  1. kimtelas says:

    I am all with that crunchy in mikl thang.

    Most wonderful!


  2. kimtelas says:

    Damn. I can’t believed I re-spelled MILK.

    I am starting may own damn dictionary.

  3. liquidquick says:

    i don’t know if i’d want anything that stays crunchy in mikl. sounds like one of those words like phlegm or drek. they’re good ‘mood’ words, but not something i’d want to put in my mouth.

    (unlike chocolate)

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