…life’s fabric…

surprising that just
a few bad decisions can
unravel the weave


6 thoughts on “…life’s fabric…

  1. qazse says:

    strings of life go deep
    hey what if i pull this one?
    flushing me like poop

  2. liquidquick says:

    pulling just one strand
    tightens the fabric elsewhere
    hope results from pain

    (dude, ‘flushing me like poop’ wins the ‘phrase that should never be used in haiku’ award hands down)

  3. kimtelas says:

    Poop! Excellent.

    By the way, I hate this string thing in reality.


    I say poop a lot. I picked it up from my friend who was in the Army for 26 years. What’s up with that?!?!

    Thanks Guys!


  4. qazse says:

    LQ – I take that as a compliment

    Kim – you shouldn’t pick up other people’s poop.

  5. kimtelas says:

    Yea, well, you don’t live with Sammi the wonder dog gone synapses missing.


    I will take your advice under consideration.


  6. liquidquick says:

    don’t know about you, but if my friend was saving army poop for 26 years i certainly wouldn’t be picking it up. thank god for tupperware.

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