…evening backdrop…

setting sun creates
illusion of dancing flame
upon the hilltop

9 thoughts on “…evening backdrop…

  1. howard says:

    to dance with the flame
    is a dangerous waltz, like
    staring at the sun.

  2. qazse says:

    soon to rise again
    and again searching each day –
    where is liquidquick?

  3. qazse says:

    where the fuck are you?
    abandoned in the tall grass
    calling to his muse

  4. tomachfive says:

    Alas, I have not yet the gift for trilinear prose, nor in the near future. Seems an allusion to the Dancing Sun at Medjugorje, yet the dance of our sun is the dance of the universe, perpetual motion.

  5. strider1989 says:

    The spiritual and ethical laws are not the method of action of every human being. The systems of ethics of morality, even of national laws, are honoured more in the breach than in the observance. If they were laws how could they be broken?

    hyea, I don’t know you, you don’t me that’s two unknown people knowing each other.
    Anyway I read you articles found it quiet interesting so .I say.normally I don’t…..read my blog………www.divinesoul.wordpress.com

  6. qazse says:

    To LQ

    I miss your wit and creativity


    something bad happened
    in your life

    I don’t know what it was
    (I am just a blogger)

    probably romantic
    probably heartbreak

    all I know is

    I looked forward
    to your drive by

  7. liquidquick says:

    wallowing in self-pity solves nothing
    hiding from the world does not make the problems go away
    the past has passed – time for new beginnings…

    (10-14-10, a doubleku)

    qazse, thank you for the kind words, the past few months have been pure shit on toast. anger, angst, and apathy are a dangerous trifecta. i let things drag me down finding that one bad choice led to another. and then someone says

    this, too, shall pass

    and it does…very slowly at times, but it does. a quick period for damage assessment and control, and then time for healing.

    i’m very glad the past year is over. i’m looking forward to the new one.

  8. liquidquick says:


    before your comment, i had never heard of Medjugorje or the associated phenomena. what a cool edperience. a google search pulled up a video of the event from 1994, http://birdsongatmidnight.com/sunvideo.html .

    the haiku actually came about while i was driving in the evening. i turned a corner, and looked toward the sun which was positioned directly behind a hill (well, if you can call anything in florida a ‘hill’ i suppose…) and the effect was one of spreading fire.

  9. qazse says:

    LQ gets up off the canvas and gives reality a fucking doubleku right on the jaw! Reality goes down for the count!!!

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