…full moon 11.05.06…

the all-seeing eye
gazing in disapproval
catches the careless

hidden agendas
will earn swift retribution
even for the bold


4 thoughts on “…full moon 11.05.06…

  1. M. Allen Cross says:

    You talk in riddles
    that I do not understand.
    But I listen well.

  2. kimtelas says:

    Full Moon

    I can now take the 6 bags of garbage to the alley.

    Full moon as light: I work too much and am not a morning person.

    You’re funny…..


  3. liquidquick says:

    ms kim,

    check to see if there’s
    a ‘moonlight usage surcharge’
    avoid hidden fees

    mr cross,

    on this month and day
    divine patience runs thinly
    at dishonesty

  4. kimtelas says:

    I called Diana, she said no surcharge for the one and only Kim Smith!


    Thanks for the advice!


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