…question for those in a restaurant…

would your cell phone still
chirp so annoyingly if
thrown in the toilet?


6 thoughts on “…question for those in a restaurant…

  1. howard says:

    good question; I say
    the next offending phone should
    be used to find out.

  2. qazse says:

    phone ripped from hand
    tossed into the toilet
    crawls up and out

  3. kimtelas says:

    It would gargle annoyingly.

    I was trying to buy a steak once at the grocery store and this man was pacing in front of where I needed to go in the middle of an intensely private conversation. I am a private person to I moved on, came back, moved on, came back and found myself vacillating between privacy horror and absolute rage.

    What IS the deal with the phone crap?


  4. liquidquick says:

    when self-concious phones
    climb out of toilets, a new
    horror genre forms

  5. liquidquick says:

    if you took the steak
    and beat the crap out of him
    he would get the point

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