…fundamental issues…

what gives us our rights
is it old parchment or the
belief in a dream?


7 thoughts on “…fundamental issues…

  1. hototogisu says:

    eloquent and inciteful! thank you.

  2. liquidquick says:

    funny how basic things are taken for granted until they are trampled on. then they don’t seem so basic, after all.

    forgive my ‘ugly american’ ignorance, but what is the australian equivalent of the constitution/bill of rights called?

  3. qazse says:

    I am sorry hototogisu for making such an ill advised remark. I meant no offense, just thought it funny at the time.

  4. liquidquick says:

    not into fosters
    i imagine it tastes like
    kangaroo droppings

  5. qazse says:

    give me a pale ale
    or mix me a black and tan
    crafted locally

  6. liquidquick says:

    twenty first b-day
    sister signed me up for the
    ‘beer of the month’ club

    holy gods, i have
    never tasted such awful
    swill in my lifetime

    i’ll stick with name-brand
    plank road brewery icehouse.
    bud, if feeling cheap.

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