…catholicommerce home-selling kit…

st. joseph statue
buried headfirst by the sign
will help sell the house


1) we’ll see…
2) am i the only one to taste the irony in this!?


6 thoughts on “…catholicommerce home-selling kit…

  1. eujenia says:

    It’s a really old idea among Catholic conjurers and rootworkers. But it’s weird to see it everywhere now, goes along with the “hoodoo explosion” in some circles.

  2. liquidquick says:

    thank you for weird mental visual of a ‘hoodoo explosion’. its a great phrase – and instantly inspired a 575er…

    as to the practice itself, i’m a bit torn. the kit was a gift given in good faith, and the burial was done with all the proper reverence and respect it was due… but there’s a little nagging voice inside me that says since its a practice from a tradition that isn’t my own, could that spark of doubt undermine the whole working? i guess i’ll find out.

  3. eujenia says:

    Thanks for the Hoodoo Explosion haiku! Doubt is no good, and reverence is good, but – there’s also an element of coercion that I’m not sure a lot of people are understanding. There’s a whole tradition of saint statues with removable hands, removable Christ children (esp. St. Anthony,) and putting saints on their heads is related to that. It’s sort of saying: “Look here, you need to get to work for me, and when you do, you’ll get your hand, baby, or upright status back.” Good luck, and when your house sells, go and get your statue back and give him some flowers and a candle.

  4. liquidquick says:

    hmmm… that explains the head-first part of it. now i’m thinking of digging him up and reburying him feet downward (or putting him on the house altar as if the working has already finished). the intention was to ask for help since that’s his area of specialty; not symbolic ritual torture to extort gain from his power. i can’t help thinking that even if the desired effect comes to be, what of the ‘spiritual grudge’ left over… and the price to pay, later. i don’t think flowers and candles will quite cover it.

    but then…

    i re-read the little booklet that came with the statue and it explains it as pointing his feet to heaven is representative of quick movement and travel (also why it is instructed to bury him facing the street, not facing the house). plausible, yes… but, given human nature, i think the coercion theory more likely.

    i think i’ll sleep on the issue. thank you for pointing out that aspect of it.

  5. eujenia says:

    Aww, it’s not up there with torture. They’re used to it ; )
    I’d leave him, and thank him nicely when it’s all done. But do what you are comfortable with.

  6. qazse says:

    Cheney denies any knowledge of it.

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