…sign on a telephone pole…

‘lost: fat haiku-muse
lazy and useless lately
if found: slap the bitch’


7 thoughts on “…sign on a telephone pole…

  1. qazse says:

    found: thin haiku muse
    hyper-mania lately
    I slapped the bitch

  2. Ellen says:

    Beginning of the end:

    small, medium, large
    Happy meals can’t fill the void
    losing you has made

  3. liquidquick says:

    adult happy meal
    should come with an adult toy
    sure would fill some void…

  4. liquidquick says:

    there’s a support group
    for all of you muse-beaters
    stop the violence!!

  5. qazse says:

    checked myself into
    The Raging Bull B&B
    for peace and quiet

  6. Ellen says:

    beat eggs, not muses,
    then add sugar and flour,
    bake Now it’s time for cake!

  7. liquidquick says:

    a muse-pie sounds good,
    but then no one would shut up
    after partaking

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