hooded, bound by cord
a trickle of blood drops down
the Land accepts it


7 thoughts on “…initiation…

  1. qazse says:

    it is policy
    if you don’t like it mister
    there are many lands


  2. liquidquick says:

    there is no dissent
    blood, a gift freely given,
    is returned three-fold

    -alright, you have me stumped. what’s up with the random dangling parenthesis?

  3. qazse says:

    yes it has

    the dangling parenthesis is a mistype. Sadly no mystery. Only poor typing skills

    I would give a haiku response but nothing fitting comes to mind from muse. I shot my muse load on the first page.

  4. liquidquick says:

    what a horrible picture… ‘shooting my muse load…’ whaddya know just happens to be 5 syllables…

    bummer ’bout the errant punctuation, i was all hoping for some sort of deep, symbolic metaphorical explanation that would bring hope and meaning to dark, desperate lives…okay, used up my adjective allowance so I’ll stop.

  5. qazse says:

    Oh wait a minute, you mean that symbol, I’m sorry I was confused. Yes, that is the bulge of haiku. It is kinda like a beer belly but only in a more metaphysical sense. It brings much meaning to those who have it. Often people will say, “nice bulge” and the haiku master says “thank you”, and then is allowed to ask for a free beverage such as a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or a Magic Hat 9. I am somewhat ashamed you caught me using it because I am certainly far from being a legitimate haiku writer no less master. But I just wanted to see what it looked like under one of my submissions. You know, like when a girl wishes she was engaged to a guy and writes her name as Mrs guy like as hundred times. Plus, I was thirsty and hoped you might comlement the bulge and I could score a beverage.

  6. qazse says:

    btw: a comlement is when a pinko liberal pinko says to you, “nice suit” or “nice car”.

  7. liquidquick says:

    my policy is that i never comment on other people’s bulges, metaphysical or otherwise. and i don’t think they had sierra nevada pale ales back in ancient haiku times. but, seeing as how you did sign your post with a haiku-bulge i guess i’ll owe you one, because i always try to follow custom.

    would that be the same as a ‘commie lament’? if so, you need to make sure to sneer on ‘suit’ or ‘car’.

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