…haiku haiku…

syllables patterned
arbitrarily structured
displaying small truths


5 thoughts on “…haiku haiku…

  1. Karasu says:

    ‘A Drop Of Ink’ has
    become ‘Little Drops Of Ink’ —
    below is the URL.


    : )

  2. Karasu says:

    There is no wordpress
    in ‘Little Drops Of Ink’ , it’s:

  3. liquidquick says:

    link is now correct
    cool template on your new site
    do crows eat haiku?

  4. Karasu says:

    Crows eat carrion —
    haiku is too rich a meal
    for this type of bird.

  5. liquidquick says:

    a delicate bird
    would need a very sharp beak
    to munch on haiku

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