even the great oak
whose soul climbs from earth to sky
will falter one day


20 thoughts on “…finity…

  1. kip2004 says:

    Now that I like, a haiku that actually says something! Excellent!


  2. mead says:

    The oak is hollow
    and lies to Eddie Willers
    so now is his heart

  3. liquidquick says:

    there is no value
    to a heart without a mind
    reason trumps feeling

  4. liquidquick says:

    left his ass to die
    no reward for his hard work
    or dedication

  5. Phil says:

    Nice haiku, lq!

  6. mead says:

    His choice was his own.
    He, invited to heaven,
    but chose to give up.

  7. liquidquick says:

    heaven?! a valley
    filled with ego-maniacs…
    i’d choose the desert.

  8. mead says:

    If it’s you own trip…
    Egoless in the desert,
    you walk your own way.

  9. mead says:

    The way is not clear.
    The desert turns to jungle
    as man eats himself.

  10. liquidquick says:

    the ending of man
    removal of a cancer
    world sighs in relief

  11. mead says:

    Gaia’s cult of death
    preaching man is not of Her
    stealing life from all

  12. liquidquick says:

    the first argument
    stewardship vs. mastery
    decides the outcome

  13. mead says:

    the first argument
    is to exist or to not
    all proceeds from that

  14. liquidquick says:

    at the most basic
    we do not choose existence
    we already are

  15. mead says:

    Ah, but yes we do.
    Ask the suicidal man
    his decision.

  16. liquidquick says:

    what would be the point
    the soul does not dwell in death
    moves on to next life

  17. mead says:

    The choice is still made.
    Born anew without ego,
    deathless yet lifeless.

  18. liquidquick says:

    for such decisions
    life is like a game of spades
    you lose karma points

  19. mead says:

    Yes, you play to lose.
    Spades requires you to cut throats.
    He who’s bled least, wins.

  20. liquidquick says:

    if you play to lose,
    bleeding is honorable
    is that sacrifice?

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