…dead hampster says…

dead hampster is mad
he says ‘its all your fault, jerk!’
stamps his tiny foot


8 thoughts on “…dead hampster says…

  1. Man of No Faith says:

    Damn! Those drugs are good
    Dead hampster comes back from death
    Small, furry Jesus

  2. liquidquick says:

    ain’t no lovin’ here
    hampster says ‘forgive THIS, bitch!’
    pulls out a nine mil

  3. Man of No Faith says:

    His retribution
    is 9 millimeter wrath
    you pay for your sins

  4. liquidquick says:

    hare kriá¹£hna rat
    laughing at hampster jesus
    hands you a pamphlet

  5. 575 says:

    you complicate things;
    escape-artist hamster has
    no ideology.

  6. liquidquick says:

    gerbil disagrees
    in the tao, absence of proof
    ain’t proof of absence

  7. 575 says:

    gerbil may dissent,
    but hamster surely resents
    gerbil equation.

  8. liquidquick says:

    if it came to blows
    hampster would probably win
    seems like a biter

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